Yes but how?

Updated: Apr 23

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13 NASB

‘It seems impossible, for years and years I have tried to loose weight but I fail!

The sad thing is that I am a Christian and I totally believe in the living word of God. I believe that the Bible is my reference book and that Jesus Christ is my Saviour and He has given everything so that I might live a full life. That means that I actually believe that it is possible for me to lose weight! Yes but how?’

Dear Lord, hear my prayer, yes, but how can I lose weight?

The Bible says that people die through lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

We need to understand more than ever today what we are eating. We are told that all food is permissible for us. (Mark 7:19)

We have to be careful that we do not judge what people are eating but it is our own responsibility to know how much we are eating.

Scales are our best friend!

The only way that we can know how much we are actually eating is by weighing out what we eat. This might sound very tedious but it is a sure way to know that we are not overfeeding ourselves. For myself it was cereals. I would pour out what I thought was a fairly healthy breakfast of special K (or equivalent) but, when I looked at the portion size of 30 g and I weighed how much I put in the bowl I realised that I was eating half as much again as what was recommended and although special K used to say it was good for the heart, it is now believed that cereals are actually very bad especially if they have added sugar, it’s very hard to find any with out.

If you really want cereal for breakfast then the best one would be traditional porridge oats (not instant that has been refined). Make sure you weigh them into a bowl, 40 g is the recommended serving. (I have now cut my portion to 20g!) (I now add either 220 g of whole milk or 30g of double cream & 190ml water, microwave for 2.5min and then fidge overnight.) I find by having whole un-homogenised milk that I do not need to put any sugar or any dried fruit, which is very high in fructose, and it’s very enjoyable. I can get through until lunchtime without having anything but a cup of coffee.

Sally on the other hand finds that they don’t work for her. Sally has full fat Greek yogurt with a few berries, nuts and seeds and that’s all until 1 p.m. (Updated April 22)

20g and soak overnight! (if double cream = 17.3g fat + 13.45g carbs)

Scales are also useful in the bathroom! In trials it has been shown that people that way themselves regularly keep their weight down. We all need encouragement but it is pointless hiding our head in the sand and hoping the weight will fall off without us having to do anything.

We need to remind ourselves that all things are possible.

Have a great day.

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