I started out on REAL FOOD!

I was born into a traditional

Grass fed butter & free range eggs

farming family way back in 1954. My father farmed 50 acres on the north coastline of Cornwall between St Ives and Zennor at a farm called Trevessa. This means that I was born into the food industry, although it was going to take many years for me to get to giving help on eating.

I was the youngest of six and from what I can remember we were very traditional eaters.

What does that mean? Meat (good helping) and two veg. That is what we would have been bought up on. I can remember my mother regularly having a tag of beef delivered on a Friday or a Saturday which would be roasted for Sunday dinner. I can remember her spreading beef dripping onto the joint as it went in the oven and the potatoes would be roasted in the same beef dripping and the gravy which came out of the beef as it was cooking. (I can smell it now!) More beef dripping was put in a pan to melt and then a batter mixture was added to make Yorkshire puddings. There would be some turnip and kale, usually because these were grown for the cows to eat and meant that they didn’t have to be bought from the shop. Being the youngest of six children I was not fussy about what I ate because if it was put on the plate I was expected to eat it. If I didn’t eat it I didn’t get pudding (no one had to start counting to 3!) and also if I didn’t eat it one of my siblings would!

Pudding, one thing is for certain, was always home-made! Apple pie and Cornish clotted cream (which was also home-made from our own Guernsey or Ayrshire cows) or baked apple with clotted cream or if in season a few strawberries with clotted cream! There was always clotted cream it was just a case of what you put with it!

As a family in those days non of us had any problems of being overweight in fact we were quite a skinny bunch.


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