Carbs & COVID

Do I really care about my metabolic health? (Would I like to be slim in 2021?)

Is it COVID-19 or CARBS that is responsible for the most deaths around the globe and that will continue even when we have a vaccine?

While so many people point to President Trump's handling of COVID-19 it is interesting to note that in the USA so far, they have had 852 deaths per 1 million population while the UK has increased on that as we have had 884 deaths per million population. Just saying.

So, are we less healthy than our American cousins? Any more resistant to COVID?

According to the Report of the 50th anniversary of the White House conference on food, nutrition, and health from March 2020 only one in five American adult are metabolically healthy! Poor diet seems to be the leading cause of poor health in the United States and the cause of more than half a million deaths per year. It seems only 12% of Americans are without high blood pressure, diabetes or prediabetes, or have high cholesterol. The statistics are absolutely horrifying and yet they do not get anything like the attention of COVID-19. Yet people with these symptoms are the ones that will get either very sick or die from COVID-19.

What is also quite amazing is that the American people, just like the UK population, have been following government guidelines for the last 40 years on what we should or should not eat. Thankfully, people are now questioning have they got it right? For years we were told not to eat butter or eggs but thankfully that has been turned around! Not because either one has changed their make-up but "the scientists" had it wrong.

The definition of madness is to 'keep doing the same things expecting different results'.

It is surely time that we stopped following "government guidelines" on what we eat and start going back to eat what our grandparents ate - "real food" (NOT PROCESSED)

Try for just 3 weeks to cut out as many carbs as possible. Avoid eating pasta, pastries, potatoes, rice and bread. Say no to chocolate bars, sweets and biscuits. Avoid all those temptations in coffee shops (Starbucks has up to 23 cubes of sugar in one of the Christmas drinks!)

What can I eat? I hear you cry.

Enjoy your pigs in blankets! Enjoy your full cream milk. Enjoy your clotted cream on your strawberries or frozen berries.

Enjoy full fat yoghurt. Enjoy bacon and eggs. Enjoy your frittata with full fat cheese. Enjoy your Brussels sprouts, your cabbage and cauliflower smothered in glorious butter. Enjoy your Coffee with cream. Enjoy your Almond & Brazil nuts. (Full list of foods available). Cut the carbs and start losing weight – you will be amazed that you are not always hungry & you start to feel & look great! Low Carb, Healthy Fat. LCHF

John Berriman

Nutrition Network Advisor

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