22lb (10Kg) weight loss in 40 days.

Great to get this type of feedback from Graeme;-

Changes Reported from Be Healthy Church. Sleeping better, waking up refreshed. More energy and not so lethargic. Less pain allowing me to reduce the pain medication. Better concentration. Improved mental health. Cravings for sweet foods between and after meals almost gone. Dandruff significantly reduced. My weekly food bills has reduced. The amount of rubbish I create has massively reduced. I have more energy and I’m enjoying eating. The switch from high-strength coffee with milk to black decaf was hard for a few days until I found out one I liked. Now I don’t miss caffeine. I thought giving up white tiger bread would be hard but was surprised how easy it was. 40 days in and good eating is becoming the normal. The attraction of unhealthy eating has almost gone. I’ve lost 22lbs.(10kg)

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