10 people off to a great start of loosing weight!

What a great night we had last Tuesday from 7.30-9. I am sure that there was a little apprehension (at least on my part!) as people from around the area gathered in our home for the first of our 20-20 challenge nights. After a short introduction and a funny Micheal McIntyre clip we got down to it with a little scripture followed by a BIG question;- WHAT IF EVERYTHING THAT YOU THOUGHT ABOUT FOOD WAS WRONG? During the evening we played a version of 'Blood sugar bingo' where people had to guess how much sugar was in particular foods. A lot of fun and lots was learnt. There was an introduction to the Harcombe Diet and everyone had the opportunity of a private weigh in! There was tea & coffee with good discussion. One lady commented that while she had been going to Slimming World for quite a long time tonight she had a 'light bulb' moment and she felt so much more encouraged than she ever had been at SW. The group ended just after 9 pm but many stayed around chatting about what they had learned and I hope making new friends. In the week we set up a BeHealthyChurch WhatsApp group which is well used. Still not to late to join us. 10 spaces available. Email or call.

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