Overweight Church!

Do you or your church have a weight problem?

At this present time in the UK the number one avoidable cause of death is obesity. Recent surveys have shown that there is no difference overall between the church and the world when it comes to being overweight or obese. This survey then looked into the different religious denominations. They generally found that among Jews & Muslims there were very few people that were overweight. Christians, especially from denominational churches bucked that trend and were actually higher than average.

How could this be?

I was given a sign once to put outside of my door, it read “I’m very busy, unless you’re bringing cake!’

It all makes us laugh but unfortunately we have become a culture of people that eat doughnuts, cakes & biscuits to bring us together. We have potluck suppers and sometimes they are not that healthy. If we look back at the Pentecostal church when it was founded, (take a look at some of the pictures in our history books, you will probably not see any overweight people). Why is this? The reason is because of the foods that we ate and portion size.

So why am I struggling with my weight?

In short, back in the late fifties early sixties the government follow the lead from the American government (and flawed research) to put out healthy eating advice which many of us followed and actually the results from that time to this is that we have increased in size beyond all measure. So what was their advice? Well, believe it or not we were told to cut down on our fat intake and as a result we increased our carbohydrate. As a nation we have done this, so we see signs on our foods “Low-fat“ when in actual fact the producers of these foods have  increased sugar content so as to make them palatable. This has in fact increased the carbohydrate content of the product. This in turn has helped to pile on the pounds.

As a farmer, (I still have a small holding) if I want to put weight onto an animal, the one thing that I feed it is carbohydrate, cereals! Stockfeed potatoes is another winner if you want to put weight onto animals.

We feed our dogs and our cats cereal based products and wonder why they get overweight. They were never designed to eat cereals but meat!

I was told by my doctor, back in the 70s that I should stop eating butter and full fat milk, and drink semi-skimmed milk and eat margarine. Looking back I now realize that that was when I started putting weight on!

I believe that sugar is our enemy and sugar is in so many products.

I was shocked when I saw how much sugar equivalent was in one jacket potato! Equivalent of 19 tea spoons!

A portion of rice was about the same!  Yet I was always told that jacket potatoes were good for you. Well it actually depends on what you’re eating in the rest of your diet. (Note that there is still a lot of goodness in a jacket potatoe and its much better that a big iced muffin that could have the same amount of sugar in it!)

The last thing that I want to do in starting a Ministry of health is to make overweight people feel bad. Usually they already feel bad! We are here to help. I truly believe in the scripture in John 10.10 but I do believe that an abundant life is a healthy life and a healthy life is not being overweight.

9 out of 10 sickness and diseases are avoidable! (Source Intentional Health).

Over the years I have had many people waiting in prayer lines asking for prayer for different illness that have been caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices. Our bodies are The temple of The Holy Spirit and we need to look after our bodies. The church should be a light to the world but it seems that in this area our light has gone very dim!

If you are unhappy with your weight or

If you would like some help in taking control of your diet or your church's

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